Vittles for Your Littles
Vittles for Your Littles
Xp XP Gained 2
Coins Coins 50



Make 4 Feed from TomatoesEdit

First start by planting at least Tomato 4 Tomatoes and watering them. Once the Tomato tomatoes are fully grown, harvest them. Then click on your Feed Mill Feed Mill and insert Tomato 4 Tomatoes and click 'Make'.

Feed 1 ChickenEdit

In order to feedWhite Chicken1 Chicken you must have one adultWhite ChickenChicken that is not prized. You will also need Feed 3 Feed. If you don't have Feed 3 Feed, use your Feed Mill Feed Mill.


You Did It! Short crops are great for making feed quickly! Keep feeding your animals to keep them happy!