• Have any of you noticed that the selling price of the crafted good in the crafting kiln is less than the selling price of the ingredients? For example, to make an orange vase (500 coins), you need

    1 clay cunk (85 coins)

    3 shale mud (110 coins x 3 = 330 coins)

    4 mud (65 coins x 4 = 260 coins)

    6 lemon (17 coins x 6 = 102 coins)

    That means the total selling price of the ingredients is 777 coins.

    And, you use some water and power also. Well yes you gain experience, but is it worth?

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    • The only reason you use the kiln other then for missions is for extra XP. Yeah the product sell for crap, but the xp is very high. The opposite goes for the kitchen. The xp sucks but the cash is dencet.

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