• At this wiki i feel a lot of nice things have been added. Many things also still could use improvement. For that it's offcourse a continuous work in progress.

    But i also see, as i mentioned to the current last active admin Hullyschlumpf that this wiki needs quite some more parts improved. Wiki navigation (through MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation, admin only, here is how), main page (which was locked from editing, but has been unlocked upon request by Wikia Staff, see below) as well as welcoming message (would be lovely to see that far more tailored to this site, can be done, view here how to.

    Also quite some other technical details (removing obsolete pages, and more) i would love to do to improve on this wiki.

    I think there should be a discussion too about what the front page should look like. I know there are volunteers who can do magic with a front page, provided that we are knowing what we are willing with that.

    And since i see Hully and Jcoble are both not replying upon several requests (among e-mails) i would like to become admin myself, to take upon the tasks i think are needed to improve this wiki. This wiki needs an active admin.

    Please have your say in this. I love to hear your opinion about:

    • Improving site navigation
    • Improving main page
    • WikiPim becoming admin
    • Tabview implementation.
    • Any other issues you may have

    Hope to hear from you.

    For reasons of transparancy: This is the reply from Wikia Staff upon my contact with them.

    Merrystar, Mar 31 02:45 am (UTC):

    Hi Pim,

    Thanks for contacting Wikia with your concerns about the bureaucrat on this wiki. However, he has only been inactive for a few weeks. The reason we have a 60 day "wait" on admin inactivity is because sometimes real life does intervene and people can't edit a wiki for a short while.

    I appreciate how eager you are to help the wiki but navigation menus/theme designer aside, I believe there is plenty you can do as a regular user. I have checked the logs and only saw the main page and a few templates that were protected from editing; I have unlocked the one template (seednav) which appeared to be content based, along with the main page. Hopefully that will enable you to make some of the larger changes you feel are necessary. Should there be problems with vandalism you can ask for help from the Volunteer Spam Task Force (

    I have looked at the wiki activity and agree that an active admin would be a good thing there. After 30 days of inactivity (after April 11th) we would consider granting admin (sysop) rights to you. You would need to have a community discussion/vote and to notify the existing bureaucrat on a new thread with a link to that discussion so that everybody involved is aware of what is happening and has a chance to voice an opinion. I recommend you start a blog or forum discussion now and get the community involved; then you can make an adoption request . Please be sure to mention that you want me to handle the request as I have already looked at the wiki.

    Good luck with the community vote!


    Wikia Community Support
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    • I saw WikiPim has good contribution, and he tooks some initiative to improve this wiki. If current admin is inactive then I will vote WikiPim as the next admin. I hope he will do better administration.

      My Vote for next Admin is WikiPim

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    • Yes, I think WikiPim will be a great admin.

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    • I also vote for WikiPim!

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    • I don't really have any opinions on improving site navigation at present other than improving main page by linking to some of the major categories in the sidebar (crops, animals, trees, latest time-limited quest.) What do you mean by "tabview implementation"?

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    • @Batshua

      Tabview was discussed with other editors at this wiki to be a good solution at menu's at many pages on this wiki. This requires some coding at the backside of the wiki to be implemented by an admin to work well. Then you get menu's where you have only a smaller space for the menu itself and can click on tabs for viewing the varies for instance animals in different categories like cows, horses, goats, limited edition, farm bucks and so on.

      Since Zynga development team is quite regularly putting in new items, animals and things, the menu's tend to become large, and thus making it harder to see the content of the page right away.

      Usability for a wiki is key to it's succes, thus tabbed menu's are needed.

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    • Oh, then I've already voted on that in the other thread.

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    • And the adoption is filed. Even tough the coming few days i might be cut off from internet access, due to moving homes (reason: new work).

      Hope to be able to minimize my downtime.

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    • And finally, after a long long long long long long long long (did i say long) wait, Wendy gave me admin rights

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    • Congratuation (வாழ்த்துக்கள்) !!!

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    • For anyone wanting to get involved in the process of redesigning the front page, now is the time to act and have your say. Follow and comment in the discussion over here.

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    • The front page is great but I do wish the farmville 2 would add a dog to it ,every farm had some kinda dog and please bring back live chat my e-mailsnever get answered,,,,Thank you ;) Jaymiehanna 76

      • Edit: This wiki has no links to the official creators of the game. As there are over 200 million users, and about 300 people working on the staff, it's likely they getting millions of messages per day.
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    • Hey!  I was wondering that under the navigation bar on the main page, could you add categories like: Levels, Animals, Buildings, Decorations, Characters, Quests, and Crops?  I can do this if needed. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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