Sow the Slow Grow
Sow the Slow Grow
Xp XP Gained 2
Coins Coins 50



Harvest 8 TomatoesEdit

Simply harvest at least 8 fully grown Tomato tomatoes to complete this task. If you don't have any fully grown Tomato tomatoes you will need to plant and water some. Once watered, Tomato tomatoes take 1 minute to grow.

Plant 8 WheatEdit

In order to complete this talk you must plant at least Wheat 8 Wheat. Wheat Wheat can be found in the General Store and takes Clock 4 hours to grow. You do not need to water or wait for the crop to grow to complete this task.

Water 8 WheatEdit

Just water the Wheat 8 Wheat plants that you planted in the previous task to complete this task. This will require Water 4 Water. If you don't have Water 4 Water you can wait the regeneration time of Water 1 Water every Clock 3 minutes.

Sow the Slow Grow Reward