Neighbors are people such as acquaintances or friends that you add to help you in playing FarmVille 2. You also can get up to 9 neighbors you don't know at all which are not added to your Facebook account called community neighbors. Some aspects of gameplay are only available to people with a certain amount of neighbors.

You can visit your neighbors and help them to get bonus Water  Water, Xp XP experience and Coins Coins. You can help them get additional items, finish buildings and get quests done by messages on your profile page or ingame messaging system.

Neighbors can also visit your farm, just like when you visit their farms. The may feed your animals, water fertilize or harvest your crops and trees for you without using any of your consumables.

You may also have hay bales on your farm. You can use these to request farm hands. Clicking on a hay bale brings up the list of your friends, send them invites and wait for them to arrive. When you have a friend sitting on your hay bale you can click on them to pick them up then drop them where you want them to help you out.

Farmhands can only be used on crops to water fertilize, speed grow or harvest them. They can also be dropped on the Kitchen or Kiln for extra power or on your Fuel pump for extra fuel.

Visit BonusEdit

You will get the following bonus every time you visit and perform 5 actions on your neighbor's farm:

  • Xp 1 XP
  • Coins 50 Coins
  • Sometimes Water 1 Water (chance of about 25%).

Visitor Tending ActionsEdit

You can conduct actions on your neighbor’s farms. You can act 5 times in a 18 hour time period. Each action gives you the followingss


At the glitches page there are quite a number of glitches mentioned regarding the neighbor system.

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