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Market Stand

Market Stand

The Market Stand is a Building in FarmVille 2, which allows to sell harvested crop, fruit, Animal resources and crafted food. You can sell items as long as you have not reached the 5 million coin mark. You would no longer be able to sell from the Market Stand if you have reached the coins limit.

Village Grocer OrderEdit

Cornelius, the Village Grocer, regularly stops by our farm and give us orders on which stuffs to sell, and give us grocer points in return. We could receive rewards after our grocer points reaches some level.

Complete daily orders to earn points. Earning points gets you rewards.

Market Stand
Points Needed Rewards
35 Mosaic Bench
110 Water 5 Pack
275 Fertilizer 5 Pack
525 Mosaic Crackellage
875 Sugar 5 Pack
1355 Mosaic Apple Sign
1900 Baby Bottle
3130 Speed Grow 10 Pack
Mosaic Fountain

Collect all 8 rewards to receive an AWESOME BONUS prize.

When you finished the orders Cornelius gave. You will come back in 24 hours for the next order.

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