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A Kitchen is a Building in FarmVille 2, which allows to craft food. Each crafting consumes Power 1 Power. The Kitchen is built on the Farmstead Kitchen Expansion so you have to expand this land to use the Kitchen.

In the kitchen you can create a large amount of recipes all food related. Many recipe are limited time and some require Farm Bucks Farm Bucks to get ingredients.

It is rarely a good move to buy ingredients for the Kitchen with Farm Bucks. While many of the highest-coin recipes depend on bought ingredients, it is better to spend the Farm Bucks on animals, which will produce a much greater number of desirable ingredients and give you much more coins in return for your farm buck investment.

Beside the recipe in the kitchen, there is also the Workshop and the Crafting Kiln where you can produce a variety of recipes.

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All recipes are now moving to their own pages so please check this page and the List of Kitchen Recipes to find the recipe you are looking for.

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Lemonade Kitchen Recipes

Standard Recipes Edit

These Recipes can be crafted with ingredients that can be yield without investing Farm Bucks Farm Bucks. The Recipes or ingredients are not time limited.

Please note these recipes can now be found on their own page..please go to List of Kitchen Recipes to find the recipes.

Exclusive Recipes Edit

These Recipes either include ingredients that can only yield after a Farm Bucks Farm Bucks investment or are time limited.


Lemonade Retired Kitchen

Almond Cake
Almond Candy
Aloe Lemonade
Amish Deer Tongue Salad
Apple Sauce
Apricot Briancon Tart
Banana Yucca Cassava Cake
Banana Yucca Waffle
Barbeque Rosemary Eggplants
Bath Asparagus Potato
Bearberry Caramel Sauce
Bearberry Jam
Berkley Tomato Soup
Berkley Tomato Spaghetti
Big Mama Tomato Bruschetta
Big Mama Tomato Sauce
Black Licorice Caramels
Black Magic Taro Glazed Donut
Black Magic Taro Pancakes
Blood Orange Lemonade
Blood Red Milkshake
Blue Hubbard Squash Burrito
Borage Orange Cake
Borage Softgel
Brainz Cookies
Braised White Belgian Endive
Broccoflower Pasta
Buffalo Currant Pie
Buffalo Currant Vinegar
Bull Berry Pudding
Bull Berry Soup
Butter Saffron Cake
Buttery Malabar Spinach
California Bulrush Soup
Candied Borage
Candied Rose Petal
Candy Apple
Capsicum Hunziker and Orange Salad
Cheesy Kale Chips
Chinese Bitter Melon Stir Fry
Chocolate Brownies
Crystallized Gardenia Petals
Curried Winter Soup
Cuzco Corn Pepper Poppers
Cuzco Corn Salsa
Earthnut Pea Gazpacho
Earthnut Pea Mash
European Gooseberry Crumble
European Gooseberry Cupcake
Galia Cantaloupe Berry Salad
Galia Cantaloupe Cappuccino
Gardenia Custard
Goji Berry Lemonade
Heirloom Aloe Lemonade
Heirloom Borage Orange Cake
Heirloom Buttery Malabar Spinach
Heirloom Hoo Loves Cookies
Heirloom Mardas Thorn Curry
Heirloom Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce
Heirloom Red Russian Kale Salad
Honey Glazed Thumbelina Carrot
Hoo Loves Cookies
Hungarian Yellow Pepper Frittata
Kurabiye Cookie
Lemon Lace Cookie
Madras Thorn Curry
Milk Chocolate
Mulled Apple Cider
Orange Fortune Cookie
Pickled Red Okra
Pink Banana Custard
Pink Banana Loaf
Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce
Purple Tomatillo Salsa
Red Okra Gumbo
Red Russian Kale Stir Fry
Salted Plum
Stuffed Chinese Bitter Melon
Thumbelina Carrot Salad
Tuscan Roasted Bath Asparagus
White Currant Egg Salad
White Currant Scone
Witchin' Batter


Valentine Ingredients:

Milk Chocolate 1 Milk Chocolate
Candied Rose Petal 1 Candied Rose Petal

Requires: Xp Level 7
Expires: 20th February 2013
Reward: Xp 10 XP
  • One crafting of this recipe results in three Valentines

Rose Cupcake

Rose Cupcake Ingredients:

Batter 2 Batter
Red Rose 12 Red Roses

Requires: Xp Level 7
Expires: 5th March 2013
Sell for: Coins 2,040 Coins
Reward: Xp 16 XP

Pistachio Turkish Delight

Pistachio Turkish Delight Ingredients:

Lemon Water 2 Lemon Water
Pistachio 7 Pistachios

Requires: Xp Level 7
Expires: 11th March 2013
Sell for: Coins 2,460 Coins
Reward: Xp 65 XP
  • Pistachios can be harvested from Pistachio Trees. These trees cost Farm Bucks 12 Farm Bucks and are only available until 4 March 2013.

Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea Ingredients:

Sugar 3 Sugar
Black Tea Leaf 12 Black Tea Leaves

Requires: Xp Level 7
Expires: 11th March 2013
Sell for: Coins 2,000 Coins
Reward: Xp 11 XP

Fava Bean Dip

Fava Bean Dip Ingredients:

Paprika 5 Paprika
Fava Bean 7 Fava Beans

Requires: Xp Level 7
Expires: 18th March 2013
Sell for: Coins 2,222 Coins
Reward: Xp 13 XP
  • Fava Bean Seeds can be purchased until 11th March 2013.
  • It is needed to ask Neighbors to receive Paprika Paprika.

Jujube Jam

Jujube Jam Ingredients:

Lemon Water 2 Lemon Water
Jujube Fruit 14 Jujube Fruits

Requires: Xp Level 7
Expires: 18th March 2013
Sell for: Coins 3,520 Coins
Reward: Xp 21 XP
  • Jujube Fruits can be harvested from Jujube Trees. These trees cost Farm Bucks 12 Farm Bucks and are only available until 11 March 2013.

Pickled Savoy Cabbage

Pickled Savoy Cabbage Ingredients:

Pickling Spice 5 Pickling Spice
Savoy Cabbage 12 Savoy Cabbage

Requires: Xp Level 7
Expires: 25th March 2013
Sell for: Coins 2,160 Coins
Reward: Xp 12 XP

Hawthorn Jam

Hawthorn Jam Ingredients:

Sugar 5 Sugar
Hawthorn Berry 14 Hawthorn Berries

Requires: Xp Level 7
Expires: 25th March 2013
Sell for: Coins 3,010 Coins
Reward: Xp 17 XP

Hawthorn Candy

Hawthorn Candy Ingredients:

Lemonade 2 Lemonades
Hawthorn Berry 8 Hawthorn Berries

Requires: Xp Level 7
Expires: 25th March 2013
Sell for: Coins 3,690 Coins
Reward: Xp 24 XP

Tom Yum-Soup

Tom Yum-Soup Ingredients:

Broth 1 Broth
Lemongrass 14 Lemongrass

Sell for: Coins 2,540 Coins
Reward: Xp 15 XP

Spring Egg Basket

Spring Egg Basket Ingredients:

Crafting Dye 5 Crafting Dyes
Egg 14 Eggs

Requires: Xp Level 7
Expires: 8th April 2013
Sell for: Coins 2,430 Coins
Reward: Xp 14 XP

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