Farm Bucks

Farm Bucks Farm Bucks are a type of currency in FarmVille 2. This is the game's premium currency.

How to get Farm BucksEdit

Farm Bucks are acquired using real-world money, for instance money from credit cards, mobile phone fees, and bank account withdrawal. Farm Bucks are used to buy exclusive goods, speed up actions, and to obtain items not otherwise possible. The in-game dialogue offers you the chance to "Add Farm Bucks", and does not use the more accurate word "buy".

At the start of the game, you are given 10 Farm Bucks for free. Once you have spent these, no other free Farm Bucks are granted. You can also get 20 Farm Bucks for free by connecting your FarmVille 2 farm to your Country Escape farm.

How to use Farm BucksEdit

There are many gameplay aspects which require you to spend Farm Bucks, e.g. skipping mission tasks and buying items which cannot be bought with coins.

Things you can do using Farm Bucks include:

  • Purchasing any adult animals for your farm
  • Purchasing premium baby animals for your farm (these baby animals will be guaranteed with the highest possible productivity once you raise them to adults)
  • Purchasing additional resources, e.g. Speed-Grow Speed-Grow, Unwither Unwither, and Baby Bottle Baby Bottle
  • Purchasing special crop packets which allow you to plant certain crops for a period of 1 or 2 weeks
  • Purchasing premium trees, as well as any heirloom trees for your farm
  • Purchasing the more attractive ornaments for your farm
  • Skipping tasks of any mission/quest, no matter how trivial (for instance, it costs 2 Farm Bucks to skip the "Zoom the camera out" task of one of the tutorial missions)
  • Buying additional items, e.g. a Piggy Bank which gives you 900 Farm Bucks over a period of at least 2 and a half years, in return for 300 Farm Bucks upfront

Things where you are offered a choice between paying Farm Bucks and "requesting help from your friends" include:

  • Gathering materials to construct buildings. These materials are not otherwise available in-game, for instance, the Wood Plank Wood Planks needed to build Well Wells are NOT the same as the Lumber Lumber you craft from a Piece of Wood Piece of Wood. Instead, you must pay 1 or 2 Farm Bucks for each of 3 items, or ask your friends.
  • Constructing buildings. You will always be asked to get your friends to complete any building once you finish gathering items. If you have no time to do this, you can hire builders for 1 or 2 Farm Bucks each.
  • Crafting certain goods. There are several crafting resources which cannot be acquired by normal gameplay, e.g. Sugar Sugar and Flask Flasks. You must ask your friends for these via requests or timeline posts, or buy them using Farm Bucks.
  • Unlocking additional farm patches also involves "gathering materials" and then "recruiting friends" to clear obstructions away.
  • Quests from Level 10 and up sometimes have a task where you have to get rare, uncraftable items which must be "gathered from friends", but you can skip this by buying them for Farm Bucks.

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