Experience Point
Almost every activity you undertake in Farmville2 grants you experience.

Experience is needed to advance through the levels where you gain access to more features of the game.

Below is a list of the common activities that grant XP.

Xp 1 XP Water a seed or tree

Xp 1 XP Fertilize a tree or seed

Xp ? XP Feed an animal (the Xp is determined by the animal and if it is an adult or prized animal)

Xp ? XP Craft a recipe (the XP is determined by the recipe)

Xp ? XP Harvest a crop or tree products (the xp is determined by the type of plant)

Xp ? XP Harvesting a prized crop (Xp is determined by?)

Xp 10 XP Harvesting your Mud Wallow

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Reputation Points Edit

Reputation Point
Reputation Points or RP RP are a special type of experience used on the Gourmet Farm. It is used to unlock more features such as crops, animals, recipes, and land expansions. Almost all actions taken on the Gourmet Farm will give players RP RP as well as Xp  XP.

RP RP can only be gained on the Gourmet Farm; actions taken on the home farm will only give players Xp  XP.

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