Egg Roll

Egg Roll Ingredients:

Soybean 20 Soybeans
Rice 16 Rice
Cabbage 5 Cabbage
Red Pepper 2 Red Peppers

Power Needed: Power 8 Power
Requires: Xp Level 72
Sell for: Coins 20,300 Coins
Reward: Xp 195 XP

Recipe Data

When making a Egg Roll, if you have any of the recipes below, they will be used before raw ingredients are used.

Recipe Ingredients
Cabbage Salad Cabbage Salad Cabbage 5 Cabbage Red Pepper 2 Red Peppers Xp XP18
Rice Paper Rice Paper Soybean 10 Soybeans Rice 8 Rice Xp XP57
Rice Flour Rice Flour Rice 4 Rice Xp XP4

Price ingredients of Egg Roll would fetch at market

Ingredients Sell Price
Soybean 20 Soybeans Coins 6,000 Coins
Rice 16 Rice Coins 1,600 Coins
Cabbage 5 Cabbage Coins 2,575 Coins
Red Pepper 2 Red Peppers Coins 626 Coins
Total Market Price of Ingredients: Coins 10,801 Coins
Profit Above Market Price: Coins 9,499 Coins