Crispy Whitefish Cakes

Crispy Whitefish Cakes Ingredients:

Whitefish 6 Whitefishes
Clotted Cream 6 Clotted Creams
Potato 12 Potatoes

Power Needed: Power 1 Power
Sell for: Coins 6,990 Coins
Reward: Xp 57 XP

Recipe Data

Price ingredients of Crispy Whitefish Cakes would fetch at market

Ingredients Sell Price
Whitefish 6 Whitefishes Coins 1,200 Coins
Clotted Cream 6 Clotted Creams Coins 600 Coins
Potato 12 Potatoes Coins 1,296 Coins
Total Market Price of Ingredients: Coins 3,096 Coins
Profit Above Market Price: Coins 3,894 Coins