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Crafting Kiln

Crafting Kiln

A Crafting Kiln is a Building in FarmVille 2, which allows you to craft items for Coins Coins and Xp  XP. You'll use the Crafting Kiln to collect Mud from Pigs, with Mud helping you earn large amounts of XP in the long run. Each crafting consumes Power 1 Power. After placing the Crafting Kiln, some building materials are needed to finish the Building.

  • Pottery Wheel Section 10 Pottery Wheel Section
  • Bag of Clay Powder 10 Bag of Clay Powder
  • Cut Stones 10 Cut Stones

After that 4 Neighbors are needed to hire for constructing the Crafting Kiln.

After you've completed the Crafting Kiln, you'll be able to fill it up by collecting Mud from Pigs. This process is similar to that of the Spinning Wheel, that sees you collecting Spinning Wool from Sheep and Rabbits, in that the process happens automatically. You'll be able to craft recipes using Mud inside the Crafting Kiln, with Zynga promising big XP rewards for some of them.

This Crafting Kiln even features a temperature meter that tracks when Crafting Kiln recipes are on fire. Crafting these hot recipes will give you double XP.


Orange Clay Pot Crafting Kiln

Acoma Vase
Apple Ornament
Balcony Bromeliad
Blue Egg
Blue Glaze
Ceramic Mold
Ceramic Piggybank
Chandelier Necklace
Chess Set
China Clay
Clay Top
Commemorative Plate
Cow Creamer
Crimean Iris Bowl
Decorated Clay Pot
Eggshell Bowl
Eggshell Glaze
Fancy Button Set
Fancy Comb
Fancy Mirror
Fancy Pitcher
Feather Pot
Fired Glass
Floral Teacup
Floral Trivet
Green Glaze
Green Plate
Heirloom Fancy Comb
Jeweled Egg
Key Chain
Lizard Vase
Metal Frame
Mosaic Coaster
Mosaic Tile
Mother of Pearl
Nutcracker Statue
Orange Clay
Orange Clay Pot
Orange Tile
Orange Vase
Piggy Cookie Jar
Pink Glaze
Pink Petunia Pot
Porcelain Bowl
Porcelain Mug
Pottery Slip
Raw Clay Pot
Shale Brick
Sheep Salt & Pepper Shakers
Sheep's Bit Flying Cup
Sheep's Bit Pot
Sheep's Bit Potpourri
Soil Planter
Sunflower Pot
Sunflower Vase
Terracotta Pitcher
Tuscan Decorative Jar
Tuscan Decorative Plate
Tuscan Sunflower Tile
Yellow Glaze

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