FarmVille 2 Tree Products. There are a lot of trees at this game which can be planted, Water  Watered, Fertilizerfertilized and harvested (by you or a neighbor). You can get 2 to 10 yield from a tree.

  • You get 1 more tree product from a fertilized tree.
  • You get 1 more tree product from a tree placed in a Grove Grove which is containing 4 of the same kind of trees.
  • There is a 20% chance per tree when neighbors are harvesting your grove or single tree that they get a single tree product from that too. You get the full tree yield, UNLESS the tree was harvested in between the time the neighbor harvested it and you clicked that action. Such harvesting could have been done by yourself or another neighbor action you accepted. In that case, the neighbor action is skipped and you get nothing. The neighbor keeps his reward nonetheless.

Trees can be harvested after as quick as Clock 2 hours up to Clock 24 hours. Trees do not wither if they are not harvested after a certain time. They miraculously stay fresh endlessly.

Trees will instantly finish growing when you level up. Most tree products can be crushed to become Feed Feed. Piece of Wood Piece of Wood from wood trees being the exception.

There are fruits from crops not listed here.

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