Black Feather
Black Feather
Resource Information
Sell:Coins 90 Coins
Black Feather Black Feather is an Animal product in FarmVille 2 that can be harvested from adult Swan and sold at the Market Stand for Coins 90 Coins. It is used in such recipes as Black Feather Quill Black Feather Quill, Fancy Feather Fan Fancy Feather Fan, and Black Swan Mask Black Swan Mask.

Recipes Including Black Feather Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level Coins XP
Black Feather Cushion Black Feather Cushion Black Feather 6 Black Feathers Wool 6 Wool Xp Coins 1,700 Xp 12
Black Feather Quill Black Feather Quill Black Feather 1 Black Feather Horseshoe 10 Horseshoes Xp Coins 2,600 Xp 25
Black Swan Mask Black Swan Mask Black Feather 3 Black Feathers Fine Saddle 4 Fine Saddles Xp Coins 2,870 Xp 26
Fancy Feather Fan Fancy Feather Fan Black Feather 5 Black Feathers Peacock's Plume Feather 5 Peacock's Plume Feathers Xp Coins 2,530 Xp 16
Feather Cleaner Feather Cleaner Black Feather 8 Black Feathers Rope 8 Ropes Xp 15 Coins 2,250 Xp 15
Feather Coat Feather Coat Brown Feather 10 Brown Feathers Black Feather 10 Black Feathers Xp 180 Coins 4,730 Xp 27